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Olive Wood Salad Server Set

Olive Wood Salad Server Set

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A beautiful set of salad servers carved from solid 100% olive wood. The utensil set, has been uniquely sculpted. It is also safe for nonstick cookware, and heat-safe to stir ingredients in a pan. It will not scratch porcelain, ceramic, glass, or enamel and is stain, and bacteria resistant.

Every one of these pieces is handcrafted by experienced talented artisans, the process itself takes months as the wood needs to be dried. Every piece is unique in its shape, grain and color, making it almost impossible to find two alike.

Olive Wood is a tightly grained wood and Olive Wood utensils remain smooth and intact for a long time, whereas regular wooden spoons can start to fray around the edges quickly.

 Two Dimensions

  • 30cm (12 inch)
  • 25cm (10 inch)


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