About Lilly Fine Craft

I was born in Tunisia and grew up in Tunis watching my mom and grandmother cook traditional Tunisian dishes, Couscous, Chakchouka, salad Mechouia, molokhia. They took hours to gather the ingredients, grind spices, and slow cook on a traditional brazier. I still remember the fresh ingredients; spices smells and the family gatherings around a fragrant pinet mint tea.

Either you are discovering Tunisian’s culture and history, looking for useful tips to travel to Tunisia, or in the hunt for authentic Tunisian recipes and beautiful handcrafts, you will find it here.

Throughout Lilly Fine Craft, I take you with me to explore Tunisian cuisine, cities, traditions, and handcrafts. My catalogue will give you a snapshot of some of the handmade articles to look for in the Medina.

I hope you enjoy this mini virtual Tunisian space, and if you have a question or need more details about a Tunisian-related subject, feel free to reach out to me.